The Pillar Wealth Group Process

Our Pillar Wealth Group Planning Process takes families and business owners through advanced planning strategies to achieve and maintain a work-optional lifestyle. Throughout our process, we work beside our clients and incorporate their values, goals, and what matters most to establish financial wellness. Also, there is enlightenment about the realities of market volatility and understanding of what we can control versus what is out of our control.


There’s no commitment or cost on either side, just our time for an exploration conversation to find out; Who are you? Who are we?  What’s matters to you? And do our personalities and overall philosophy match for a long-term relationship?


After taking a few days to reflect about if we are right for each other, we decide if we both want to move forward.


The fun part! After reviewing your financial goals, values, financial information, and understanding where you want to go, we work together in creating a personalized plan that works for you.  We’ll connect the pieces of the financial puzzle together and connect your wealth to what’s meaningful to you.


We’ll implement an optimal plan to rise up the potential towards achieving financial independence, freedom of choice of a Work Optional Lifestyle, and grow your legacy. That way you can focus on what truly matters.


Go experience life fully. We’ll be walking alongside you throughout your journey as an advocate and a fiduciary helping your dreams become a reality. As your needs and life unfolds, we’ll have check points to support you to rise up towards reaching your potential wealth.